Must Check - Worst Nail Art Ever


1 Tetris Nail Art

We advocate sticking out to the sport rather than tricking your nails out with this crazy design!

2 Black Lace

These nails have manner an excessive amount of happening. perhaps one amongst the styles would have worked, however not the full assortment of nail art on one nail.

3 Garden Nails

We advocate that you just limit your flowers to your garden. This cannot be sensible.

4 Lawn Nails

OK, this one we actually do not get. World Health Organization want's their nails to match a lawn?

5 Princess Gone Horribly Wrong

You know those puffy pens with feathers at the ends? yea, your nails ought to ne'er appear as if that.

6 Creepy Eye

We feel that this creepy eye nail art keeps watching United States. Reserve for Allhallows Eve or, better yet, not at all!

7 Fantasy Nail Art

We love a decent fairy tale, however these nails take them to a shivery new level.