See Now: Your Face can Reveal Your Personality


Wide Eyes: you people love to talk a lot and always allow people to open up to you share with you. And you also became friendly with people you don’t know. Secrets are always secrets with you.

Narrow Eyes: people with narrow or small eyes don't easily trust anyone. People have to work hard to gain their trust, but once you get it, you get it for forever. These are reserved and introvert kind of persons.

Large Nose: people with large and prominent nose, love to be perfected. Each and every detail of their work is equally important irrespective of their size and importance. And they are very choosey kind of person, who doesn’t like any imperfection.

Small Nose: these people are very smart kind of persons. They know very well that how to work smart instead of hard. They are not follower of perfection, but they are addicted to work efficiently.

High Forehead: people with high forehead are having extremely emotional approach towards their life. They are creative, imaginative and artistic. They are extreme in their every emotion, but don’t like to be very logical.

Low Forehead: they have a great handatentrepreneurship, but don’t ever like to talk about their personal self, or about their relationships. But they are true to their relationship and partner. They think enough before taking any action on any work.

Lips: full lips mean relationships are very important for you. On the other hands, you don’t like to sacrifice your space because of anyone, whetherit’s family or friends or even partner.