Summer Makeup With Bright Colors


If your brows area unit skinny or out of form, your initial task is to require care of their good condition, which implies that you simply need to pay attention of them – line the form, fill it in and so highlight the brow bone. These steps area unit continually identical, the sole factor that you simply should detain mind is that the correct form of the brows. produce it in step with your face.

Now you must apply the primer which is able to guarantee you long lasting makeup.

Take the liner brush and also the liquid black liner and draw a skinny contouring line from the inner corner of the attention to the outer one because it is shown within the image.

Then smudge the highest line with a spherical brush and reapply the colour. Smudge once more. Redo these steps till the road become thicker.

Fill within the empty gap with white pencil. This bright base can build the most color of the makeup set out.

Top it with blue color or another color that matches your face and outfit.

Then apply a dark brown color higher than the crease so as to form a smoky impact of the makeup.

Line the crease another time.

Now move to the lowest lid. Apply different bright color, match it to the highest one and apply everywhere.

Finish the design with a coat of makeup.