The Most Easiest Bun Hairstyle You Have Ever Seen


Here we tell you a simple and elegant bun:-

Stuff you need for this hairstyle tutorial is a comb, rubber band, Bobby pins and a cute bow hair clip.

Start with teasing the hairs from the crown area of the head. Teasing is done to give your hairs some volume and fluffiness.

Now comb slightly the top hairs to give it a nice finish, secure them with a rubber band near the neckline.

Now make some space just above your rubber band and drop your ponytail into it from the tip, to give it a folding effect.

Start teasing again the upper layer of ponytail to give it some fluff, and fold it half towards the rubber band. Do not forget to comb the upper layer of the hairs after folding.

Secure the ponytail tip with Bobby pins and add some hair accessories to your bun.