The Perfect Feminine Smoky Lids Makeup


When you have finished with the concealer, eye primer and eye liner. Now it’s time to give blush to your eyes with eye shadow.

Here we choose different five shades of eye shadow as shown in the picture, two light shades, two medium and one dark shade.

Firstly, apply first shade of eye shadow cover your whole eyelid. Apply it evenly to your whole lid to avoid dark patch.

After first shade apply second shade, apply it till the middle of the eyelid leaving the inner corner.

To give it more darkness applies third shade, in the same portion of the eye where we apply the second shade.

Finally, it’s time to give some grayish color we apply the gray shade near the upper lash line and eyeliner. And also to the outer corner of the lower lash line

In last, apply the fifth shade on the inner corner of lower lash line.

And you are done.