This Woman Weighed Over 1000 Pounds...You Won't BELIEVE What She Looks Like Now!!


Marya Rosales weighed over 1028 pounds. Her weight made it impossible for her to even help herself. She was unable to move. And, without presence and help of her family, life would literally be unlivable.
she had to have surgery to take away a large bulk of her weight so that she was able to move enough to actually start a weight loss regimen.
The next part of her journey was hard work.
Since then she has lost more than 80% of her body weight. The transformation is amazing.

This is Marya Rosales and She was 1028 pounds

Her legs looked misshapen

She was unable to move and help herself

She had terrible bed sores

It took a team of professionals to move her to the hospital

Despite the pain, she chose to overcome it

Success in surgeries and now waited to Recovering well

Now it was time for the hard work

She started looking healthy again

Yes, that’s her!What a dramatic difference!

WOW! Can you believe that it's the same girl?

And now she’s inspiring millions!

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