Upgrade Straight Ponytail and Make Gorgeous Braid - Hairstyle Ideas


How to make a ponytail braid is the big question? However it is easy to make a ponytail braid on your own learn the steps from the following points.

Brush your hair thoroughly. Either blow dry your hair after washing them with a good quality shampoo and conditioner.

Gather all the hair into a ponytail.

Take out a small chunk of hair from the ponytail and leave it on the front side of your head.

Use this chunk of hair to make a braid.

Make an extremely tight braid out of it.

Take this braid down your hair along with the ponytail and secure it with elastic or rubber band.

Your ponytail braid is ready. So we see that it was pretty simple to create this hairstyle. You can do it on your own in just a few minutes. It won’t take long. You can also read more information on various websites which consist of methods of creating different styles in which a ponytail braid can be made. Reading from these websites will give you lots and lots of information regarding the same. With this hairstyle you can go to your college, or some party and you will look your best.