What Do Your Eyebrows Say About You?


Eyebrows are an important part of our face, because it helps us to define our facial Expressions. Eyebrows also enhance the beauty of our face. But do you ever think that our eyebrows also tell about our personality? I hope you don’t ever think of it. This is true that eyebrows are also a mirror of our personality. If you find it exciting and wants to know more than let go and check out the article: -

Thick brows: people with these eyebrows, are full of strength and stamina. They never feel tired for anything until they are constantly growing or improving themselves. They tend to be an overachiever and wants everything perfect.

Thin brows: these people are very much socially involved and keep them busy in their social network. And always eager to do exciting and out of the box things like traveling.

Shaped brows: those people who naturally shaped brows are free spirited. They don’t like to follow their own rules and don’t allow anyone to interrupt their ways. But they great helping hand too.

Long brows: they are trendsetter by the soul from their birth. People look them, for own style, their attitude and their knowledge of beauty and perfection. People love to call them “ahead of time” and obviously people feel jealous of them.

Compact brows: you are an achiever; you know exactly about your dreams and also work hard to get them. Your journal is always full of to do list and you finished your to do list before the end of the day arrived. Your determination and dedication is commendable for others.
But you can style them well make yourself a style statement.