10 Crazy Things You Will Learn Today


1 Why Prune Fingers?

Do you assume man was very meant to measure underwater? Imagine that, Associate in Nursing aquatic life?

2 Daniel Kish: Blindness

Wow, Kish seems to own developed a echo sounder system like what crackers do once navigating at the hours of darkness, known as "echolocation".

3 Panda

Aww, that is okay as it is not solely inexperienced to avoid wasting printing provides however the WWF panda is super cute.

4 Restaurant Workers

That will create USA debate currently before going bent on eat!

5 Drowning Fish?

This is strange, right? Here's the logic: Drowning for a fish is just like the opposite of drowning for one thing that breathes air. Fish cannot breath air therefore after they ar out of the water they gasp for gas until they are going unconscious and die. that's however a fish drowns..

6 Home Alone

We idolized impolite eight year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) World Health Organization acts out, as a result of we have a tendency to ALL wish to act out too!

7 Huge Gummy Bear

Omg, are you able to imagine the sugar rush? . . You'd higher not eat it all at once!

8 Nomofobia

Should we have a tendency to be shocked if nomofobic teenagers very worry Associate in Nursing uncontrollable jonesing for his or her selfie fix?

9 Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs ar additional like humans than we have a tendency to know? truly Guinea Pigs ar wont to living in teams, and like animal herds they have the corporate of their own kind to be really happy.

10 Truman Syndrome

The scarey side of this mental delusion is that this person believes he or she is at bay within a reality television show. Yikes, what a nightmare!