20 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life & How To Do Them Right


Remember it for your next cheers folks !

Squats require your legs to bent till they are parallel to the ground

The correct way to put earphones

Blenders shall be cleaned this way only!

The correct way to put nail polish

Moisturizers are meant to be gently put, not rubbed on our face

Girls! This ones for you

Write correctly, hold correctly!

Right way to fold pants without crease

Best way to eat chicken wings

I have been it wrong my whole life!

The right way to eat your pizza

Next Time Put A Cupcake Like This

Apple should be eaten from bottom, not from sides

Even eating burgers has a procedure

Correct way to remove strawberry’s head is using a straw

Straight waist for a better push up

A trick to pack open packets is by using bottles’ caps