22 Hilariously Awesome Dads Who’ve Reached ‘Peak Dad’

Dads are a unique breed of awesome; the kind of awesome that is uncool in almost every way, yet is somehow the coolest person you’ll ever know. My dad is a fine example of this and a phone conversation never passes without him saying something which is in equal measures completely ridiculous and utterly hysterical.
These 22 fathers are more examples of dads being dads, highlighting all of the reasons why we just can’t help but love ’em.

1. The dad who tried to capture the moment but technology just isn’t his friend

2. The dad who was told to order a salad so did it…and did it right

3. The dad who is pretty sure he isn’t his wife’s first born child

4. This dad speaks for himself

5. What’s better than one dad? Three of them, of course

6. This awkward dad who starts a sentence by reminding you that he’s your dad

7. This dad who is a firm believer in ‘less is more’

8. The dad who cuts his hair this way just to embarrass you

9. When dad gets the food shopping in

10. This DIY dad who’s doing parenting his own way

11. The dad who values ‘try before you buy’

12. This technophobe dad who doesn’t quite understand the concept of changing font sizes

13. The dad who thought his phone speaker was faulty for a year because he left the protective layer on

14. The dad who shovels with a purpose

15. And the dad who put his phone in a sealed bag until his protective phone case arrived

16. The competitive dad who takes no prisoners

17. And the dad who isn’t afraid to go the extra mile and has seen Frozen over 50 times

18. Ah, dad fashion

19. Behold, the dad tan

20. Dad rules

21. This dad who takes his garden seriously

22. And finally, this dad’s dad who may just be lord master of the selfie

Dads, you’re brilliant and we bloody love you; for all your cringeworthy embarrassment. Oh, apart from these 17 dads who may just have crossed the line from hilarious embarrassment into downright ‘GTFO’.

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