6 Ways to Bring Back Love in a Dying Relationship


There is a common philosophy taught to management students or students of business studies, that every business has three stages rise, stability and downfall. But I believe that this theory applies to almost every single thing including our relationships. When our relationship grows there is lots of romance present, but at some point we get stability in love towards each other our life gets messed up with other aspects too, but there is a point of time where we feel downfall in our relation. If we do not understand or not do something about it, the relation should end soon. So if you don’t want to end it and need to revive then take following point as my advice.

Closeness: every human has a basic need of love that is unspoken. So, shows partner some unspoken love. And unspoken love includes surprise, cuddling, hugging, kiss on forehead and almost that everything which you give before he asks for it.

Love to self: a person who doesn’t love his own self is always unable to love his spouse. So if you really want to see your spouse happy so try to make yourself happy.

Need to repeat your part: we always say don’t repeat the past, but love Is the only thing and this situation is the only condition in which you need to repeat your happy moments.

Flirting is good for health: flirting is good when you are in a relationship, but the condition is you flirt with your partner not with someone else.

Adventure: adventure brings back life and youth in you. So,revive yourself with your love.

Discussion is important: this is the must done step without this you can even move further a bit.