Incredible Moment: A Car Runs Over This Little Boy’s Head, Then He Miraculously Stand Up Like Nothing Happened

Amazingly, Joao only suffered just few cuts and bruises on the face and was brought to the hospital along with his granny. He was released the same day after the doctors had done the test and cleared him. But Vilma, his grandmother, who suffered light wounds to her legs and feet was released the next day.

She said, “I feel as if we’ve been born again. It’s a miracle we’re still alive. Joao doesn’t even look as if he’s been run over. I saw how the car crushed him and he ran towards me but when I saw blood coming out of his nose and mouth I feared the worst. I only calmed down when they said in hospital his injuries were superficial. I was terrified about the idea of something bad happening to my grandson while I was in charge of him. The hand of God helped us and thankfully we’re okay.”

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<>Here’s a video report of the incident:

Apparently on August of the same year, another boy was run over by a car in Jining City, in northeast China and miraculously was unharmed. The six-year old boy was playing at the side of the road, when the SUV swept over him.

It seems like it was intentional as the car was running slowly when the incident happened. Remarkably the boy jumps to his feet and runs toward his house, he suffered just superficial injuries to his face and legs.

“Police said the boy survived because he was between the front wheels of the car.”

Watch the video: