Learn Here: Black Shiny Eyelids Makeup


Pick up solid black eye makeup sketch to prepare the outline.

Starting from the middle of the upper lash line, go drawing towards the outer boundary.

Now close your eye and draw the second line of the boundary, leaving a slight space between the two.

Now fill the area between the outlines with the solid black.

Highlight the lower lash line with the same marker so as to look more dark and bold.

At the bottom we need not to create any extra piece of art, just go with the simple underline.

Now fill your brush with some sparkle and spill it over the black colored art.

Finally prepare the eyelashes to look more charming and energetic with the brush.

Your eyes are shining so wonderful in the black and you have perfectly prepared yourself for the evening event. Now grab your most good looking dress and match it along to create the even more fascinating look.