Must Check : 24 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier!


13. In order to keep away the tears while chopping onions, freeze the onions before chopping them. Make sure you use these cut onions right away or else they turn soggy.

14. Freeze garlic cloves before you peel them in order to make them easier to peel.

15. Best way to preserve your herbs without drying them is to put them in an ice cube tray and freeze them using water, oil or some stock.

16. If a jar is proving to be difficult to open, just wrap a rubber band around it. It will give you extra traction and will help open the jar much easily.

17. If you want to freeze your melted butter, take two glass bowls. Fill one with ice or ice cold water and the other with your melted butter. Place the bowl of butter in the bowl of ice cold water and the butter will freeze.

18. In order to remove strong odours, wash your hands with toothpaste, lemon or baking soda.

19. Don’t scrub your cast iron pot or pan with a scrub. Instead, use coarse ground salt to remove the leftovers.

20. Attach a rubber band to a binder clip and use it to hang recipes from cabinet knobs. For larger pages, use cloth hangers in stead!

21. Put a damp dish towel between the board and counter top. This will keep the cutting board from sliding while you’re trying to work!

23. Use a knife to peel boiled corn kernel off the cob.

24. In order to get crystal clear ice cubes, boil your water before pouring it into the tray.