People Are Getting Hooked With This DIY Braces And It Is Alarmingly Horrifying

Do you have crooked teeth? If you have, the dentist would probably make you wear braces in order to correctly align your teeth. However, there are people who wear them even though they don’t need braces and worse they didn’t even see a dentist. This craze caught the attention of many dentists and warns public from using DIY braces.

In US, teenagers are being hook with this new craze and they had been seen sticking elastic bands around their gappy or wonky teeth to straighten them out.

But dental surgeons have warned the public that they might end up losing their teeth if they keep using this elastic DIY brace than having a perfect set of gnashers made by dentists itself.

Videos of the said practice also known as “gap band” had gone viral on YouTube.

One practitioner claims she wore a hair elastic around her middle teeth for a few weeks to close her gap.

The video below entitled: ‘Cheap easy braces!! Without going to the dentist!!!!!’ shows how she slips elastic on her front teeth and advising that it will ‘hurt’ but be worth it in the end.

Surprisingly, teens are taking the risk and have joined the trend in achieving the “perfect teeth” than having a professional dental care and braces that could cost $5,000 and up. Sadly only 60 percent of people in US have dental cover on their health care plan.

But dentist repeatedly warns that this crazy trend could lead to bone loss, root damage and ultimately result in teeth falling out.

Juan Rendon, of Jefferson Dental Clinics in Texas told Refinery29: ‘It seems very attractive that you could possibly move your own teeth, but when you move a tooth, the color of the tooth might change because you are damaging the blood supply.

‘You’re also going to have problems with your gums. When the gums are subject to pressure, the blood supply is cut [off], which changes the shape of the gums and can cause severe inflammation and infection.”

Apparently, this dental fad had reached the Philippines, which many had been patronizing the cheap DIY or self-applied braces despite the warning of the PDA (Philippine Dental Association).

The DIY Braces kits that’s being sold online in the Philippines are as low as P2,000, so little compared to the braces made by the dentists that could cost P60,000 and up.

The high cost of dental care in the Philippines becomes quite a symbol of elites whereas only those with fat wallet can obtain. And those who needs professional care but cannot afford the price will jeopardize their health in cheap and uncertain product in search of a perfect smile.

Dr. Stephen Almonte is a former PDA Board of Trustee, a faculty member of the CEU (Centro Escolar University) School of Dentistry, an active member of the Philippine Prosthodontic Society and Fellow of both the Pierre Fauchard Academy and the Philippine Academy of Implant Dentistry, warns that “DIY is dangerous.”

Dr. Almonte explained:

“Orthodontics, or movement of teeth for proper alignment, is meant not just for aesthetic reasons but also to establish balance in the stomatognathic system, which includes the occlusion, or bite of the patient, and the maintenance of the overall health of the periodontium, which is the foundation of the stability and health of the teeth.

If an untrained person persists in the practice, it could result, among others, in unsightly gum recession. Application of forces intended to move teeth must be controlled and properly monitored by a dental professional. Instead of improving appearances, could end up damaging it even more.”

He emphasizes:

“The greater danger would be the disruption of the intended modeling and remodeling of the bone. This results in bone loss, which is the primary support of the tooth structure. Without proper support from the bone, a tooth may become loose in its socket, or worse, it might even come off on its own.

Another danger lies in the cement used to fix the brackets into place on the teeth. “The adhesives used, which may not be properly regulated in the market, could contain dangerous chemicals harmful not just to the mouth, but to the entire body… these products when improperly used can be detrimental to the overall health of the patient.

A dental professional needs to evaluate and properly diagnose both the skeletal and dental profile of each patient in order to prescribe the correct treatment plan.

After all, teeth is just 50 percent what we see inside of the patient’s mouth. Something that isn’t readily realized by an average person.”