Read Here: Choose The Right Eye Makeup to Accent Your Eye Color


To make things easier, we are telling you which eye shadow color is suitable. Then you can choose from these shadows, depending on the occasion, working hours, persons you are going out with and of course the outfit.

You already know the importance of the eye shadows because they make your eyes look more attractive, flirtatious, smaller or bigger, darker or natural, distinctive and stunning.

You can have a look at the chart and check which eye shadows are more suitable for certain eye colors.

So if you have :

Brown Eyes a widespread color. This eye color offers a large range of shades because it’s a neutral color.

Hazel Eyes you can choose between brown and green shadows. If you want to have a natural look, you can select light gold and grey.

Amber Eyes a selection of gold and light brown shades.

Aqua Eyes a variety of brown shades.

Green Eyes choose from purple shades, there are also included silver and pink.

Blue Eyes choose the silvery blue colors and grey -brown ones but you shouldn’t do a heavy makeup.