Read Here: Elegant Pull Through Braid Hairstyle Tutorial


» Make two braids to the top before pulling the hair for high ponytail.

» Now start pulling the hair into high pony tail and tie with a band.

» Separate both the pony tails upper one and bottom one.

» On the upper section slide down the pony slightly 2 inches down wards and add a hair elastic band.
   You can even leave it slightly loose.

» Next you make a hole in the middle section of that two inch area, pull the underneath hair strand.

» Tie the back elastic band upper wards to create a heart segment look.

» Now move down another two inches on your new top strand.

» Add a hair elastic, make another hole in the middle of the new segment, pull through the
   underneath hair strand, and cinch the back elastic.

» Repeat Step #8 until you run out of hair…

» Now, secure both sections, at the bottom of the braid together with one rubber band.

» Go back and pancake the hair to flatten out the braid and give it a fuller, more beautiful look.