Secret to Wearing Bold Maroon Lipstick


Dark color of lipstick is perfect for seeking attention towards you. Using Dark lipstick gives you boldness and of course attractiveness. The best this is dark can easily go with cool or warm, light or dark or almost every skin tone. In fact, it gives you the perfect look for summer or winters. Dark color also goes with your every outfit whether it formal, casual or any Partywear, but you have the confidence to wear it.

For this tutorial all you need is moisturizer, foundation, maroon lipstick and maroon lip pencil.

Before starting applying lipstick, apply some moisturizer to your lips in order to avoid wrinkles on your lips. It also makes your lips smooth and soft.

Now with the help of foundation brush, apply foundation to your lips.

Now when you are done with foundation, make an outline of your lips with the help of maroon pencil. Don’t forget to fill it also.

In last apply the lipstick normally as you do normally. And if required use lip brush to blend the lipstick on your lips.

Now so are ready to set the floor on fire.