See Now: 13 Worst Things About Having Braces That No One Tells You

All those orthodontist sittings are not so easy and the entire period of having braces is quite difficult to bear. Pain is intolerable at first and people ask various questions about your experience with braces. Chewing gums is more of a sin during the entire period and sometimes you even have to avoid your favourite dish just because of the braces. Sigh!

Well, the sacrifice is worth the outcome, as we find an appealing smile after all this gruesome time.

So let's see the worst things that can ever happen to the people with braces, if you have had one, you must be having a clue about the whole scenario.

1) When we see our friends with braces, we admire them, but they are not so fun to have!
We start hating braces from the day we have one!

2) Remember those tightening sessions? It is probably a date made in hell!
Dentist appointments become the most frightening thing!

3) Those elastics are one of the things you hate the most!
No need to remind me of them!

Using braces is really common these days, as many youngsters opt for it to enhance their looks. For a period of

5) Kissing is not favourable during this time! Probably you will feel like a crab with those metal pieces stuck in your mouth.

6) You get those retainers for rest of your life! But thank God you can remove them anytime you want!

7) You need to brush your teeth after every meal!

8) You never know what next surprise the orthodontist is going to give you. May be the period of having braces gets extended in the next sitting!
I really feel like punching in his face as soon as these words leave his mouth!

9) Orthodontists are not like dentists, they bring the hell out of your mouth!

10) You always fear that your tongue or skin around teeth will get scratched by those metal piece!
Sometimes that is really painful.

11) You smile awkwardly in group photos or selfies! No one gonna ruin their look by those braces

12) Chewing-Gums becomes your biggest enemy during this period!

13) Finally that feeling when you are going to ger rid of Braces! It's probably the moment you were dying for.
Everyone goes through this phase so don't feel lame by your own experience!