See Now : Amazing Way To Take Incredible Pictures


Everyone knows about the camera quality of apple iPhone. IPhone have the best cameras in the mobile industry and but something is still missing that we can improve. We are talking about giving some extra zoom in capability to the existing camera of your iPhone.

Don’t worry we are not going to modify your phone and we also don’t say you to install any software for this. This cool trick is a hack which you can apply externally when required and same can be detached when it is not required.

To setup the hack we will be requiring an old laser pointer, bobby pin, tape and your iPhone.

If you don’t have that old laser pointer in home then you can purchase from the shop, it doesn’t cost you much. Take out the lens of the laser pointer. The lens can be of glass or the plastic. Here material doesn’t makes any difference. Clean the lens properly to remove any external glue over the edges.

Put the lens over the camera of your phone, surrounding the bobby pin around it to hold it in place. Now wrap a layer of tape on to the bobby pin, so as to hold the assembly in place. Make sure the lens is fitted properly in the bobby pin so that it doesn’t come out.
Your phone camera has got extra zoom in capabilities.