See Now: If You Thought Impacted Earwax Is Already Horrifying, Wait Till You See What’s Inside This Guy’s Ear!

Moments later, a doctor inserts a pair of tweezers into the ear, and starts to dislodge the huge lump of wax, only to reveal that the 'tiny' bug is not quite as small as first thought.

Grim: The huge winged insect plus two lumps of wax that were inside the man's ear

After some time, two huge pieces of wax are removed, before the doctor inserts the tweezers a third time - pulling out a huge winged creature from the ear canal.

It is not clear exactly what the insect is - but one thing's for sure, its definitely not something you'd want to find while cleaning out your ear.

Earlier this month, a man gained viral fame after more than 213,000 people watched the moment he had a huge lump of earwax pulled from his ear with tweezers.