See Now: A Mexican Dr*g Lord’s House Got Busted, Guess What The Authorities Found

With dr*g money you can buy a quaint little villa in the hills.

And even a man-made cave and hot tub inside the house.

Lot of exotic animals were also found.

A total of 8 Lions were on the property.

Now a very rare tiger, only shows the luxury of their lifestyle.

The back yard pool.

In addition to the dollars, officials found 200,000 euros and 157,500 pesos.

Money! Lots of money!

Stacks of cash were found in everywhere.

A case filled with 100 dollar Bills estimated to be 1/2 a million dollars.

Another suitcase with hundreds of dollar bills.

No space for clothes, only for cash!

The money found hidden inside walls, suitcases and closets in one of Mexico City’s wealthiest neighborhoods came from the profits of methamphetamine sold in the United States.

Selling dr*gs is very profitable, no wonder criminals are hooked into it.