See Now: These Weird Multitaskers Are The Craziest Of All. #6 Is A Genius

These 10 insane people will teach you how to multitask in some of the weirdest situations, concluding that, YES, you can do everything at once.

While some of them are pretty good at it, some need real sympathies.

Try to relate yourself with these insane multitaskers and share with us your ways of multitasking in the comments below!

1. He's a Music Lover, for sure.

2. Let's Tweet this kiss.

3. He can't leave his gaming console.

4. The Busy cat

5. His parents want him to be a coder, I guess.

6. She has developed some awesome motherly skills, too early.

7. Flexible Personality

8. He's selfish...yet a really helping friend.

9. Who let the dogs out?

10. Keeping it clean and tidy!