See Now: This Baby Girl Was Left Alone With Dad. What He Does Is Horrible

#1 Infant is Now in The Hospital After Visit With Dad

After her parents relationship deteriorated they separated while living in South Carolina. Baby Cheyenne would visit her father, James Davis Jr. on weekends. Then one weekend day Cheyenne wouldn't stop crying, what her dad did next was appalling!

#2 Baby Cheyenne Was Terribly Hurt

According to Davis, he just snapped. At first he tried to hide it, but finally he admitted to shaking his baby girl resulting in injury.

#3 Her Skull is Seriously Fractured

With the violent shaking, her brain started to bleed, she was admitted into emergency for medical care. According to the Mayo Clinic this type of child abuse is called, shaken baby syndrome. It can "destroys a child’s brain cells and prevents his or her brain from getting enough oxygen."

#4 Father Sent to Prison

Determining Cheyenne had in fact suffered from the shaken baby syndrome abuse, Davis was arrested and "..sentenced to 20 years in prison."

#5 Shaken Baby Syndrome Damage Can be Permanent

The Mayo Clinic claims this type of child abuse can result in "permanent brain damage or death. . . and it only takes a few seconds of shaking to cause irreversible brain damage in an infant.” Luckily today little Cheyenne has finally recuperated, but still suffers some brain damage from the abuse. Her mom, Amy says, "Cheyenne is a tough little girl," but she warns many other children don't get the chance to get better.