Sickening Footage Shows Whale Shark Being Slaughtered Alive To Be Sold At A Chinese Market


Illegal animal slaughter is a serious crime that is happening around the world. From Nepal to Denmark, we’re read about how man has killed thousands of innocent and helpless animals. And this grim acts seems to be endless, just recently a footage of men slaughtering a nearly endangered whale shark alive has gone viral.

Two men were caught on camera butchering and cutting by saw a whale shark in a market in Guangdong, China.

A crowd of disgusted people gathered as the men continued to butcher the poor whale shark.

The shark was seen opening its mouth in pain.

Warning: This video contains graphic scenes.

In China, whale sharks are considered as a second-class protected animal that must be set free if caught. But most people there do not follow this law because whale shark meat can be sold for a huge sum of money.