Learn Here: How To Use Eyeliner Perfectly


If you’re having trouble in creating a straight line or even the perfect curved one, aim for dotting the line you want before completing it, no matter what shape your eyes are. This simple tip will help you achieve the perfect makeup looks you want and that really work for your features.

Almond Eyes

When you have almond eyes, you can choose pretty much any kind of eyeliner look you want, but you’ll never go wrong with a cat eye.

Starting with a thinner line at the inner corners of your eyes, make sure you increase the thickness towards the outer corners. Don’t miss out on lining your lower lash line as well for a look that brings out your eyes.

Round Eyes

The best way to apply eyeliner for your eye shape when you have round eyes is to extend the lines at the outer corners of your eyes a bit more. You can also create a more edgy look by adding extra thickness at the outer corners and creating a more graphic square tip at the end, instead of the traditional cat eye. Whether you smudge want a more graphic look, don’t be afraid to extend.

Hooded Eyes

The most important thing when you have hooded eyes is to keep the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. You should also keep your eyeliner thinner at the center of your lids, and thinner towards the corners. Lining your top waterline is also a good idea. The same advice also works wonders if you have deep set eyes.

Monolid Eyes

If you have a monolid, the best way apply eyeliner for your eye shape is to keep it simple. Faking a crease sometimes work, but the best trick available is keeping the color darker at your lash line and smudging it softly on your eyelids. You might consider skipping eyeliner for your bottom eyelids, and you should definitely avoid the waterline.

Downturned Eyes

The classic cat eye doesn’t really work if you have downturned eyes, but you can experiment with a line on the bottom lash line and doing a flick at the outer corners of your eyes. Smudging helps, while lining your waterline also helps create a balanced look. If you want eyeliner on your top lid as well, stick to very thin lines.

Small Eyes

While there are many tricks to apply eyeliner for your eye shape, dealing with small eyes is a big more difficult. To create a widening effect, keep the eyeshadow on your lid a solid color, but don’t be afraid to smudge the eyeliner over it, particularly towards the outer corners. Make sure that you illuminate the inner corners of your eyes, not darken them with eyeliner.

Big Eyes

When you have big eyes and you’d like to make them look smaller, stick to black eyeliner and don’t be afraid to draw really thick lines. Whether you choose a cat eye look or a smoky eye, smudging your dark eyeliner can help bring balance to your look. Avoid the waterline and eyeliners in lighter shades.

Wide Set Eyes

Go as dark as you want with eyeliner towards the inner corners of your eyes when you’re trying to make them look like they’re closer together. The right way to apply eyeliner for your eye shape is to be bold. When you’re creating a cat eye look, you can start the lift closer to the iris than to the outer corner.

Close Set Eyes

Try a smokey look on your top lids when you have close set eyes. You’ll need the same illuminating effect at the inner corners as for small eyes. Start your lines closer to the center of your eye, not the inner corners and go for a thick wing at the outer corners in order to create a widening effect. Avoid using eyeliner on the lower waterline.

Asymmetrical Eyes

Even if you know all the trick to apply eyeliner for your eye shape, creating a balanced look for asymmetrical eyes isn’t easy. The best trick is to have different eyeliner thicknesses on your eyes. Go for a thicker line on the slightly smaller or uneven eye in order to create balance.

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