Learn Here: The Sign Language Alphabet

I taught sign language to my babies so they would be able to communicate their needs. Most of them learned the signs for "more", "all done", "milk", "eat" and maybe a few others. A friend of mine told me about some great sign language videos for kids called "Singing Time". They are great because they are bright, fun and she uses a lot of songs in them. We own a few, and we've even checked out a lot of them from the library!

A few years ago in our church, there was a nearly deaf woman that offered sign language classes. I wanted to be able to speak with her, so I signed up (haha!) The class met every week on Thursdays, and I really enjoyed it.

This book has tons of signs in it, and is a wonderful resource for looking up a sign and remembering how to do it. I learned a lot of signs in our class, and most were straight from this book!

A friend of mine from MOPS is now teaching a sign language class at our homeschool co-op. I've been sitting in on her classes. She is a former translator in the school district. She is now Momma to 2 young girls, so this is a nice little job for her! The kids have been learning a lot! This week in her class, I learned the days of the week, months of the year, colors, and the signs to "Away in A Manger" as well as "Jesus Loves Me." It was so fun! We've done some sign language with our songs during VBS the past few years, and some of the signs are the same!

Here are some free sign language resources for you!

An ABC chart

Printable flashcards and more!

Numbers chart

Sign language is fun and interesting! I hope you have learn something and maybe even will teach your kids the alphabet. If you know the alphabet, you can fingerspell nearly anything! It is just one more way that God can use our hands for His glory!

Source: http://thywordisalamptomyfeet.blogspot.in/2011/10/sing-sign.html