Must Watch: Very easy eyeliner Video Tutorial

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Very easy eyeliner Video Tutorial [Must Share] <3 <3

Posted by Makeup on Thursday, September 10, 2015

First, you need an eyeliner stencil. It will be easily available at any cosmetic shop.

Place the stencil on your eyelid at an accurate position for the liner.

Hold it steady and fill it in with a liner shade of your choice.

Gently remove the stencil with care to keep the eyeliner in place.

Voila! Wasn’t that easy? You can further complete the look with fake lashes to give your eyes a brighter look.

Quick tips:

Make sure the stencil is clean, as the eyes are a sensitive part of the body.

Before the application, using a mirror, check the position of the stencil so that it comes out absolutely accurate.

If you’re using a liquid liner, be sure to let it dry a little before removing the stencil or else you might end up smudging it.