Read Here: 10 Most Horrifying Puberty Problems Every Girl Struggles With

1. I keep asking myself?
This is the most common question every girl asked herself. Why am I so ugly?

2. Which one should I buy?
After hormonal changes your body changes a lot. And this is the first confusion which arises when I visit market to buy some bra...what's my size and which type is best for my body? and that's going through Hell!

3. Do I look fat.. am I gaining weight?
This is the common problem which comes when our body is getting matured. She thinks and over thinks whether she is gaining weight. Don't forget the social stigma which comes with being fat.

4. First String!
And this is the most uncomfortable thing right from underwear to string transformation. Gosh I can't even sit properly!

5. Scary hairy nightmares!
One of the questions I ask to myself .. why you gave me unwanted hair when you know I have to remove them every single week. Why?

6. Boyfriend Problem?
Suddenly we start fantasizing about boys. Although all the boys we have met till now were stupid but we need a boyfriend who looks like a Disney prince.

7. How to talk about your sexual life with parents?
"Please don't speak to me not again in your life" - this is what they say when I ask them something related to sexual life.

8. Makeup secret!
What if someone discovers that you are wearing makeup and you completely deny them by debating. You start exploring unique makeup ideas.

9. Wrong pick!
Every time I visit a store for buying cosmetics, I face a dilemma that what will be the best for my skin?

10. First period pain! Fish!
This happened to me when I got my first period. Oh god it was horrible and I cried the whole day and yeah, whenever it happens I feel destroyed.