See Now: What your Bums Says About Your Health


Health Indicators from your Bum

Your booty can say a lot of your body’s health. Find out what yours is trying to tell you with the help of health expert, Melissa Hershberg.

The shape of your rear end is determined by:

Bone structure: the shape of your pelvis and curve of your back determine the general shape. Wider pelvises lead to a wider buttock, a tall pelvis leads to a longer, squarer buttock and a narrow pelvis leads to a small rear end.

Shape of your spine: the more arched your lower back and sacrum, the more lifted your buttocks will look.

How developed your gluteal muscles are: plays a major rule in how flat or perky your buttocks look. The more developed the muscle the perkier and firmer the rear end.

How much fat you have: the more fat you store, the bigger your booty.

Posture: if you slouch, your back rounds and your bums appear flatter. If you stand up tall with shoulders back and good posture the bums look more lifted.

Bums types:

Wide bum: typically this is a sign of high estrogen levels, good fertility and good cardiovascular health. It’s also a sign of slower metabolism and difficulty losing weight. The hormone estrogen causes hips to widen at puberty and directs fat storage to the lower body, hips and bums mainly, for use when breastfeeding.

Since the fat is stored in the lower body, the waist is typically small and little fat is stored around the liver and abdominal organs. This reduces the risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Fat cells in the bums are very insulin sensitive, meaning they take in sugar and fatty acids easily and store them as fat. They are also very resistant to letting go of this fat. Hence, fat on the bums and hips is often referred to as passive, stubborn fat.

There is some research showing that the fat in the bums region is rich in brain building omega 3 fatty acids; women with large bottoms who breast feed may have smarter children!

Perky bum: Usually the result of good glute muscles with moderate fat on top usually associated with good muscle tone overall and strong bodies. A curved sacrum helps, too. Three muscles make up the rear end: the glutus medius and minimus make up the sides of the bums while the gluteus maximus makes up the bulk of the bums.

People with this shape also tend to be athletic and good at power sports that use the lower body. The benefits include increased calorie burn and aids in osteoporosis prevention. Perkiness is often caused by a curved or arched sacrum. In addition to giving the bums a lifted look, this is also associated with a more spacious pelvic cavity and easier childbirths.

Flat bum: Often the result of a spine that isn’t very arched combined with underdeveloped glute muscles, commonly found in apple body shapes.

People with this booty shape tend to store fat around their midsection rather than the lower body. This fat is more active, dangerous fat associated with heart disease, insulin resistance and diabetes. The good news is that this fat is easier to lose than stubborn lower body fat.

It is important for people with this booty type to build a perkier bottom by doing lower body workouts that target the glutes.