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3 Signs To Tell if a Guy Likes you
Every girl wonders whether or not that one particular guy likes her not. We often keep thinking over it not knowing whether we should make a move or not, or if it is the appropriate time or not. Well, instead of just wondering, here are the few signs that you can catch up on to know whether or not he has feelings for you.

Physical distance
If he makes an effort to just be around you at an approachable distance and isn’t always running away being a mystery then yes, he probably is into you.

Questions and listens to you
A guy who seems interested in your life (not in a creepy way though), who questions and actually listens to your answers rather than questioning for the sake of it and then mentally drifting away, that is the guy who is a big yes for you.

Body language
If he starts mirroring your body language or starts (unknowingly) behaving in the same way as you, then there is a high possibility that he is interested in you and is getting influenced. Also, some guys even act a little different which shows that they might be nervous to be around you.