Must Watch: How to Get Rid of Armpits Fat


Most work out regimes on websites only talk about toning the legs and the abs. No one really talks about the arm pit fat, which to be honest can be quite embarrassing at times. So here the three simple exercises that you can do to reduce that arm fat and also tone your arm muscles. Check them out.

Chest press

Pick out two moderate weight dumbbells of around 4 – 6 kgs.
Lie down straight on a yoga mat and do chest presses.
Observe the video carefully to understand how you must first do it slowly and the increase the speed.
Do 10 – 10 sets of the exercise and then move on to half pumps.
Squeeze your chest muscles every time you push up your arms.

Staggered push up

Next step would be to move on to staggered push ups which are slightly different from normal ones.
In this you need one arm at shoulder level and the other one ahead of you around 3-4 inches.
Do 6 sets on both sides.
Beginners may begin by touching knees on the ground and then gradually move on to full body up.


Next exercise is called the fly in which you will again be needing your dumbbells.
Lie down straight on your back and bring your arms in front of together holding the dumbbells as shown in the video.
Now slowly drop them outwards and the bring them back
Repeat the sets as shown in the video.

Repeat the work out plan 2 – 3 times a week combined with a good healthy diet.

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