Must Watch: How To Get Your Eyelashes and Your Eyebrows Back


Most girls who opt for lash curling techniques and eyebrow plucking often go through this problem – plucking out too many or just getting your eyelashes stuck and pulled out with the curler. Here is a homemade recipe for you to make the perfect ointment for your lashes and brows.

Take a tiny jar and fill up 1/3rd of it with Vitamin E oil, then another third of it with castor oil and finally the third part with coconut oil. This way you’ll have a third of each oil.

Mix them all together and store it in the jar.

Before going to bed every night just dip your finger in the oil and apply it on your lash line. Don’t get any into your eye. Just apply it on the lash line and then some n the eyebrows.

It’ll take about a week to show results so continue doing it every night before going to bed.

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