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About 25 percent of people suffer from this oral bacterial condition. Most don't even know it.

They're called tonsil stones, and they're collections of sulfur-producing bacteria and debris.

The hardened accumulations get trapped near your tonsils and can cause really bad breath.

But there's no need to worry -- they're usually easy to get rid of.

The difficult part is that they're hard to detect and can be difficult to actually see on your own.

But the good news is that they're pretty harmless, with the exception of your breath, of course.

You can prevent them in the first place with good oral hygiene.

But if you already have them, you might be able to remove tonsil stones with a cotton swab.

Some people also use objects like makeup brushes.

Other people even use garlic or onions to help with the problem.
It seems like it would have the opposite effect, but supposedly eating raw onions or garlic daily can help kill the bacteria that causes tonsil stones. Your breath will smell right away, but it will help in the long run.

Sometimes the stones even dislodge on their own, usually while coughing.
If you cough and a calcified rock comes out of your mouth, it's most likely a tonsil stone. However, you should still probably have this checked out by a doctor.

If you can't get rid of them on your own, then you should see a doctor.
In the most extreme cases, you'll need your tonsils removed. But most likely, a doctor will just prescribe an antibiotic.

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