See Here: 11 Most Bizarre Marriage Rituals Around The World

1. In East Africa, girls of several tribes leave a small opening for urine and to remove mensuration blood.

This is to prevent s*x before marriage.

2. In a community in Brazil, men compete among themselves to convince women for s*x by giving them gifts.
3. According to a ritual in Ghana, a widow needs to spend a night with a stranger in order to cleanse the spirit.

4. A tribe in Papua New Guinea allows their children to have s*x from a very early age.
The s*xual life of a girl is determined from 6-8 years while the age of boys is determined 10-12 years. S*x before marriage is not a problem for them but sharing a meal is not allowed until they get married.

5. In a community in Mangaia (Cook Islands) boys start having s*x from the age of 13 years.
They have s*xual contact with elder women so that they can learn the s*x skills. Women teach younger boys how to last longer while having sex and how to please their partner.

6. In a community in Cambodia, there is a tradition of building special shelters for teenage girls to have s*x.
They spend nights with different guys until they find a suitable partner. In that community, divorce is illegal.

7. Young men in the Sambian tribe of New Guinea are kept far from women for certain period.
And they have to swallow the semen of the tribe's mightiest warriors. This is considered prominent for a proper growth.

8. In the Middle Ages, the missionary position was considered as the only proper way to have s*x.

9. In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs (leaders) had to masturbate in the famous river.
Because the flow of Nile was believed as the creation of God.

10. A community in Brazil uses the same term for eating and s*x.
They consider that both includes giving something healthy to your body.

11. In ancient times, same-s*x marriages were prominent in the Siwa tribe of Egypt.
Those who didn't act as gay, they would be rejected from their cast.

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