See Here: 15 Beauty Fails That You Can't Unsee


I feel like there are some beauty trends that are trying to go that extra level from "different" to cool, and they can sometimes end up as hard fails. Not like, oh, you tried and failed type fails, but FAIL-FAILS.

This is the list I have gathered for you here today.

If you reach the end of this list and don't feel better about every life decision you have ever made, I will personally mail you a $5 bill.

1. Ah, the ol' brush the long eyebrows straight up to your hairline beauty trick.
Tried and true.

2. You can see the beauty behind the makeup...

3. Who needs eyelashes anyways...
I know I find them annoying ALL THE TIME.

4. Just the right orange to match her skin tone.
Or maybe she got ready in the dark?

5. A little too much, methinks?
Or a lot too much. Dealer's choice.

6. This hugest hair fail there ever was.
Ellen asks the hard hitting questions in this hilarious vid.

7. At least she lines everything evenly.
Look on the bright side.

8. Carrots are healthy, this is true.
But it is not healthy to be a carrot yourself.

9. Shave 'em off, draw 'em in.
That is a motto some people have.

10. This eyebrow fade is really impressive.
Honestly, how do you even do that?

11. Glue on eyebrows?

How could that ever be a good idea?

12. I like that you can see the layers of eyebrows here.
It's like a makeup tutorial on a face.

13. Hipster Level ∞
(that's an infinity symbol btw)

14. Even though this isn't a makeup fail, the faily-ness of this fail transcends all fails.
Feel free to look beyond the red circle to find even more failures.


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