See Here: 15 People Who Lied On Facebook And Got Brutally Exposed!

This girl went through all of this trouble to tell people 'she is pretty'.

Really doubt the Starbucks employee would risk losing a job over s*xual harassment.

Oops! This one got sold out by the roommate.

This guy made a totally healthy girl ill, just to get 'likes'.

This baker "accidentally" baked her iPhone.

This guy got busted for lying about finally buying his dream car.

This kid really thought he could get away with this?

This desperate girl was hungry for attention.

This fake artist got busted by the real artist.

This girl said she was as good as this ballerina.

This girl stuck to her lame 'no makeup' claim.

Poor guy. He made it look so believable.

This is a lying horse lover.

This boy is so sad and lonely.

She won't quit lying.

The bragging didn't really work out too well for her.

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