See Here: 9 Tips About Mascara Nobody Told You Until Now

1. First off, learn how to apply mascara the right way.

Mistake #1: Often, I see girls using the brush horizontally but not vertically. The truth is that the angle of the brush matters in creating the perfect look.

Mistake #2: Apply 2 coats of mascara but make sure you wait for the first coat to dry completely to avoid clumping!

2. Don't forget the expiry date to mascara. You want to make sure you have a fresh bottle for the best results. To help me remember, I usually label my new products with an expiry date using a label maker. It takes an extra 2 seconds is well worth it! (Saves the headache of trying to remember years later)

3. Use baby powder for thicker lashes. Believe it or not, in between your mascara coats, use a q-tip and apply some baby powder to your lash ends.

4. Bottom lashes can be tricky. You can also use a paint brush to apply mascara to the roots of those lashes (rather than the default mascara wand)

5. Don't pump the mascara bottle - This actually adds more air into the tube and results in your mascara drying out faster.

8. Condition your lashes prior to mascara application. Lancome has found this to be the biggest mistake women make with regards to mascara. This helps keep your lashes moisturized, healthy, and strong.

9. If you are running low on mascara, a few drops of saline solution goes a long way!

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