See Here: The Biggest Filming Mistakes From "The Big Bang Theory" That You Probably Didn't Notice

#1 The Grasshopper Experiment" Episode
The gang is huddled around a computer, with Sheldon positioned on the far right of the chair.

#2 The Mistake
In the next scene at a different angle, Sheldon has disappeared!

#3 "The Hamburger Postulate" S1:E5
Sheldon is eating a burger with lettuce, nothing major right!?

#4 The Mistake
Looks like a rabbit ate his lettuce, because it's gone!

#5 "The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary" S3:E5
Howard is on a fancy dinner date, with his wine glass empty.

#6 The Mistake
But immediately after it is full, now thats an amazing waiter.

#7 The Mistake
But suddenly it's red instead of green, and fallen over!

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