See Here: Checkout What Your Style Says About Your Relationship

Slow burn: When couples gently ki$$ each other on the lips it is about 'teasing and delayed gratification'

Pucker up: A quick peck on the lips is a way for two people to 'test the waters' before going farther with their physical relationship
One at a time: A single-lip ki$$ in which two people ki$$ only one of their partner's lips at a time is 'all about love'

Up close and personal: A French ki$$, which is characterized by two people massaging their tongues during an open mouth ki$$, is all about wanting to get to know the other person more

Wet and wild: Sloppy ki$$es can be sign of an intense physical relationship as it is characterized by partners exchanging saliva without abandon

Feeling friendly: Whether they are exchanged between friends or lovers, a ki$$ on the cheek is a sign of strong friendship and fondness for another person

No trespassing: A dry closed mouth ki$$ can be a sign that people need to work on their communication skills and open up to each other more

Light as a feather: When couple's rapidly flutter their eyelashes against each other, it is a sign of 'excitement and newness' in a relationship

Stand by me: An angel ki$$, which is when someone gently brushes their lips against a person's close eyelid, can be seen as a silent vow to protect the other person

Just a bite: Couple you like to nipple each other's lips are 'feisty' and usually have a 'healthy $ex life'

Made for the movies: The Spiderman ki$$, which is inspired by the ki$$ exchanged in the 2002 film Spider-Man, is a sign of spontaneity in a relationship

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