See Here: The father leaves the restaurant and discovers THIS behind the dumpsters. But then he does something incredible.

Bryan saw all the crayons being thrown into the trash and couldn't believe his eyes. Some of them had only been used once, a real waste to simply throw away. On the same evening, Bryan decided to do some research on the internet and discovered something unbelievable: every year, 35 tons of crayons land in the trash alone in the US. Hard to believe, but true!

Bryan didn't want to put up with this waste anymore. So he drove straight to the restaurant where they had had their family reunion and grabbed the crayons out of the dumpster. He asked the manager to collect all the crayons in the future. On the way home he did the same thing at 6 other restaurants. That was the start of the "The Crayon Initiative."

Every week they produce several crates full of crayons. With the help of a friend, these are melted together in Bryan's own kitchen.

... and pressed together into new crayons with the help of special devices. In all colors of the rainbow.

For each pressing, 96 new crayons are made. Bryan makes them a bit fatter, so they are easier for the kids to hold.

For the best is: Bryan doesn't do it all to make any money. Quite the contrary!

He delivers the finished crayons to schools and to hospitals in California. All for free!

His little "customers" can't get enough of the product and practically tear the delivery right out of his hands. The sparkle in the eyes of these two Cancer patients is reward enough for his efforts.

"If these little, colorful crayons help these brave little kids to forget their illness just for a few moments, then we're doing something right."

True words Bryan! And so much respect for this great idea and your selfless engagement. A role model for the whole world!

Good acts often begin with small ones, like this idea. You don't need millions of dollars to make a difference, just a little help, and some effort.

Show your friends this wonderful idea from a totally normal dad and share this story with everyone that you know! So that others will know that they can help too.

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