See Here: Learn What Your Periods Say About Your Health

#1 There is such a thing as too light of flow

It could be simply due to birth control, but it also could mean an issue with the thyroid or pituitary gland.

#2 Unexpected Bleeding Could Be Trouble

If you experience unexpected menstrual bleeding outside of your cycle, it is referred to as breakthrough bleeding. At worst, they could be cervical or uterine polyps.

#3 Excessive Cramping

If your cramps are so severe that they last multiple days and at times seem unbearable, it could be more than your normal flow.

#4 The Late Period

If there is no chance this is due to pregnancy, then you could have a hormonal imbalance requiring medical treatment.

This could mean tumors, endometriosis, or polyps. If you require 4-5 pad or tampon changes per day, you may want to get checked out.

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