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Lie down straight on your back joining you’re your hands at your pinky finger and point inwards and touch your toes with each other as shown in the picture. Roll a yoga mat or place a pillow under your back.

Most body fat starts accumulating at the middle section. Wrong postures often give rise to an increasing belly which then sometimes increases to a limit that may cause difficulty in losing. Therefore one must focus on the postures.

Look straight upwards while lying in the position. With the pillow under the lower back your lower body posture to resemble a sitting position.

Following these yogic postures will also provide you with immense help in losing the fat around the belly as it focuses more on your middle section.

Your body weight and fat is mainly divided in 6 sections. So you must identify which area it is that is a trouble point for you and work towards it.

Focusing the weight on your arms and legs by stretching will help in strengthening your leg and arm muscles and will make them stronger for workout plans.