See Here: She Died While Giving Birth To Her Daughter, What Happened Next Is A True Miracle

It all started when Melanie was pregnant with her first child. She looked for doctors who will value the life of both her and the babies, and would fight for their survival if it was needed.

Melanie’s persistent of pursuing life serves to be the most brilliant decision she ever made.

On July 28, 2010, when she got pregnant with her second child, everything was top of the line until the day she began to labor. She started to have contraction on her 39 weeks, Melanie and Doug even walked to the hospital, where the doctor observed her contractions intervals until her water broke.

Then the nightmare started

At this is moment everything went wrong. Melanie began to feel dizzy, nauseous and then fainted though she had a normal vital sign. Then her heart rate and blood pressure hits flat as she turned cold blue. Likewise, the unborn child in the womb suffers the same fate as the mother, heart rate and blood pressure fell rapidly.

The turn of event made the situation even more critical, an emergency cesarean procedure was conducted to save the baby inside Melanie’s body as she was declared clinically dead by the hospital.

Meanwhile, her husband Doug was praying for his wife and daughter would be saved. He prayed, “Lord, I know that this is more than I can bear, which means that you have a plan and a purpose to it all. I trust in you, but please, if it be Thy will, let me hug my wife again.”

Doug never felt so desperate and scared in his life, he began to contact their families and friends, asking and begging them to pray for Melanie and their daughter. His request for prayers spread contagiously across social media. in that day, the prayer requests went viral and Melanie went number one Googled person in Phoenix and one of the top 100 subject people Twittered about. And in 15 hours, more than 150,000 people were praying and sharing the situation with the world.

The first miracle happened

Their combined prayers were answered, the baby was save by a team of doctors while another team trying to revive Melanie. Then a nurse asked Doug what’s the name of his new daughter, he replied, “Gabriella, the heroine of God.”

The family was advised to prepare for the worst and for their goodbyes, while the doctors are trying their best to resuscitate Melanie who was considered dead for 10 minutes. They used a defibrillator 4 times and uninterrupted chest compressions but nothing. Then suddenly a sign of life emerged, a weak heartbeat was noticed.

The doctors found out the cause of Melanie’s cardiac arrest, it’s due to her amniotic fluid embolism, which escaped the uterus when her water broke and entered her bloodstream then into to her heart. The doctors informed Dough about the consequences of lacking oxygen for more than 10 minutes and she could sustain neurological problems as a result.

Melanie was kept alive by machines, Doug holds her hand and said the most soulful and heart-breaking words to her, “I love you. I always will love you. Our kids Brady and Gabriella are wonderful and love you. If you have any spark in you to fight, then fight. Regardless of my hopes, promise me that you will follow your guardian angel wherever it guides you. Where it guides you, will be where God needs you. “

But the turmoil is far from over and it’s getting even worse, Melanie received two blood transfusions but was suffering from blood clotting. During emergency C-section doctors had accidentally severed an artery so they performed a delicate surgery to stop the problem. Still her condition is dangling, due to cardiac arrest her heart pumping function is only 5% from the normal of 55-65%. And she breathes 100% by means of respirator as her lung failed to work. Then she was transferred in another hospital which had an ECMO machine that works for the heart and lungs.

The doctors at the new hospital want to perform an important surgery that was left by the past hospital. But before they can do that, they need to make sure to precisely measure her neurological state to be able to survive the operation. To help her get through, they showed Melanie a picture of Gabriella, she began to retaliate desperately. Because of this, she was sedated and sent for surgery, and for the first time the family were given a light of hope.

Melanie’s miracle

The surgery was a complete success, miraculously Melanie survives and within the next 24 hours she was breathing on her own. And the priest who had married the couple visited and reminded Doug, “When you got married, this is what you said ‘yes’ to. For better or for worse, in sickness and in health.”

Melanie’s stunning recovery left the entire hospital staff in awe. And after more than 48 grueling hours of uncertainty, she can now hold her daughter Gabriella for the first time. Then six days later, she was discharge from the hospital. And weeks had passed, she made a complete recovery.

The testimony

Years had passed by; Melanie wrote a book about the miraculous event of their lives entitled “The Day I Died”. In 2014, she also wrote an article stating:

Although I have no memory of this incredible event in my life, I am grateful to be alive and to hold my husband and children in my arms daily. I am thankful for every Facebook post, Tweet, and articles written and posted on news sites like LifeSiteNews, who reached out and asked others to pray for me, a stranger. Words cannot express my gratitude for the multitude of prayers that covered me throughout this traumatic event. I am happy to say, the prayers worked! Thanks to the hands of doctors, nurses, many blood donors, and an ever-merciful God, Gabriella and I are alive and well and I have made a full recovery.

She also added, “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank the Lord for allowing me to survive something very few live to talk about. I thank that Lord for inspiring me to choose a pro-life hospital. I thank God for allowing Doug, Brady, Gabriella, and me to be a family again and for allowing me another opportunity to speak of God’s infinite grace, mercy, and love for all of us. God has the power to take us from the depths of darkness, even the darkness of death, and bring us to the light, and for that, I praise Him!”

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