See Here: This is Really Freaking Me Out

#1 Six Eyes
We kinda feel like we need glasses just looking at this guy. . . We're just hoping those aren't tattooed eyes below his eyes? Poor dude.

#2 Beautiful Celebs OR Not?
Peripheral vision turns stars into monsters! Totally freaky.

#3 Shadow Or Ghost?
The shadow of this gal on the grass gives the illusion of a ghost figure OR an ET? Yikes!

#4 A Trip
Whoa. . . No, don't worry you are not on LSD..

#5 This Eye?
Actually this is an eye of a water drain.

#6 A Town's Flood
This awesome 3D pavement drawing made with chalk by artist Edgar Mueller, appears like a flood ridden city roads with people stranded.

#7 Scary Kitty
Cats eyes sometimes do this due to its reflection and it's frightening.

#8 Closed or Open?
Omg. . . Imagine kissing someone with an eyelid tattoo? No thank you..

#9 A Rock Or Face Profile?
The side of the riverside rock has the profile of a person's face with their mouth open, while looking at that seagul BUT never mind, what the heck is on its head?

#10 Scary Carpet
Would you be brave enough to walk into this shop? You might get snarled.

#11 Park Where?
It's an optical illusion, BUT would you really want to park here?

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