See Here: This Man's Wife Hasn't Aged A Day In Two Decades

Some people don't seem to age. This couple took a picture two decades ago. When you see how she looks today, you won't believe your eyes...

This couple took a picture 20 years ago at their high school prom.

Two decades later, the wife looks almost exactly the same.

Of course, ageless people are all over the place if you look carefully. Here's Paul Rudd in 2002...

....and in 2015.

Let's also not forget that Keanu Reeves looks insanely good for 51. Here's him in 2000...

...and in 2015. The beard is about the only thing that makes him look older.

Remember Andy Milonakis, the lovable teenager? Well, he was never famous as a teen.

This is him in the age of 29.

He's now 39, and he looks like this.