See Here: What Does Your Date Of Birth Reveal About Your Personality?

Numerology can help you understand yourself and your place in the universe.

One of the most fun places to start is with your birthday. Start by taking the date of your birth and distilling it down to a single number.

If your birthday falls on the 1st through the 9th of a month, you're done. If you have a two-digit birthday, add the digits together to get your number.

Number 1 - Example: Marilyn Monroe
If you're a number 1, you're a natural leader. This can be a burden at times, but you're always willing to step up and take responsibility when needed. You attract many friends, and you're naturally charismatic.

Number 2 - Example: Lindsay Lohan
The number 2 is very imaginative and creative. You like to create and enjoy art, and as a fairly sensitive person, you get along easily with most types of people. You're intuitive, but not illogical.

Number 3 - Example: Tom Cruise
You're strong and logical. The number 3 is very spiritual, although you might not necessarily identify with any specific religion. You are a great provider and care deeply for other people.

Number 4 - Example: Angelina Jolie
As an extremely independent person, you sometimes turn people off with your brash nature, but you wouldn't have it any other way. You work better on your own than with other people. Drama tends to follow you, and you can easily go from one extreme to the other.

Number 5 - Example: Daniel Radcliffe
You tend to be serious, although you love listening to jokes. You do not shy away from an argument, as long as it is a thinking person's discussion. You tend to be intelligent and practical.

Number 6 - Example: Gabriel Iglesias
You see the beauty in life, which is partially why you're carefree with your finances. People born directly on the 6th day of the month tend to be very beautiful or physically fit. You are not confrontational, but you can be artistic.

Number 7 - Example: Ringo Starr
As a number 7, you're very compassionate. You can easily manage groups, which is why you're a valuable worker. You often think of others before you think of yourself.

Number 8 - Example: Jaden Smith
You're confident and a hard worker. You stay focused when you take on a task, but you're sometimes a little sensitive. You have no trouble empathizing with family and friends.

Number 9 - Example: Tom Hanks
If you're a number 9, you're instantly engaging -- the type of person who dominates a conversation. You have a very special personality, and you love adventure. However, you may seem sensitive or irritable on occasion, which can make for dramatic relationships.

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