See Here: 5 Ways to Heal a Broken Bond


1. Develop understanding.
The key to a strong bond is good understanding. Understanding is not a natural trait – you develop it with time. I remember I had no understanding with my partner when we got together. However, now, I can even complete his sentences. I confess that I never thought we could reach this point, but just a little effort made us stronger. To heal your broken bond, try to become more understanding. If your partner is screaming at you for no reason, sit with them and figure out what is wrong. If they are being quiet, do not assume that they are being arrogant. Ask them if they had a bad day. It will take them time to open up to you, but once they do, you will become their dr@g.

2. Put your ego aside.
Most relationships fall apart because the two people cannot put their ego aside. Your broken bond is hurting you, but how about you let go of your ego? We are so stuck up with ourselves that we do not see the other person. We are so accustomed of not admitting our mistake. We behave that way with our partner as well assuming that we are perfection. We continue to crush them for so long that they eventually break away our chains. We make them feel trapped. You do not have to suffocate the person you are with.

3. Become forgiving.
Your relationship is turning into a broken bond because of your unwillingness to apologize. Let me clear a simple fact: as humans, we are all flawed. Our mistakes and errors make us humans. We are capable of doing so much wrong because we are humans and we are not perfect. I make so many mistakes. My partner does it. You do it. Your partner does it too. The more you fuss over small things, the more issues you have to fuss over. Learn to forgive your partner for small things. The more forgiving you are, the lesser issues you will have.

4. Become compromising.
You are looking at your broken bond and wondering what went wrong. How about you make a few more compromises? Save your relationship because the road to moving on is not impossible, but very difficult. You might be losing an amazing partner because you are willing to compromise enough. A few more compromises could save your relationship. Give in to a few of their demands. Do not fight back a few times, and watch things change. It will be gradual, but a change will come. A relationship can only last long if both the partners are always willing to compromise.

5. Talk without fighting.
For once, decide that you will talk without fighting. Take out one hour and sit together. Talk about your relationship. Talk about when things began to change for both of you. Talk your heart outs. Share everything, and do everything maturely. You don’t have to scream at one another. You don’t have to play the blame game. Just be calm and have a normal conversation. A lot of beautiful relationships end up as a broken bond because there is a lack of proper communication. Be together and talk properly. This will resolve a lot of issues because it will bring light to issues that needed urgent addressing.