Learn Here: 11 Nail Hacks That Will Change The Way You Do Your Mani

#1 Fastest Way To Remove Nail Polish
I love this trick! Tear a cotton ball into small pieces and soak them in nail polish remover. Then spread a piece over each nail and wait 1-2 minutes. Roll the cotton off and voila! Clean nails without the effort of scrubbing!

#2 Nail Repair
There is nothing worse than a broken nail. Cut a piece of a tea bag and use nail glue to keep it on your nail. Buffer it out and apply a top coat or your favorite nail polish. Good as new!

#3 Fast Dry
Dip your fingers in ice cold water for about 30 seconds to a minute to dry your nails quickly and seal your mani!

#4 Perfect Glitter Nails
Getting a good glittery nail can be hard. Instead of brushing the polish on, try dabbing it to get the desired look and texture.

#5 Tape Trick
Use this nail hack to apply your own nails and have fun with new designs!

#6 Fix A Nail Smudge
Using a little dab of nail polish remover will loosen the polish on your nail and allow you to meld it back into place.

#7 Opaque Nails
Painting your nails with a white base will make your top coat pop and look opaque!

#8 Easy Peel Off Glitter Nails
Glitter nail polish can be the hardest to take off. Paint a layer of craft glue on your nail and let it dry before using your regular nail polish. When you're ready to remove it, simply peel the glue and the glitter will come with it, for an easy and mess free clean up!

#9 Sharpie Nail Art
If you don't have a steady hand, doing nail art can be tricky. Use a sharpie instead for precision, and if you make a mistake, clean it off with rubbing alcohol without messing up your polish!

#10 DIY Cuticle Care
Good cuticles means healthier nails. Use this trick before bed to keep your cuticles soft and healthy without spending a fortune on a mani.

#11 Stain Free Nails
Sometimes our favorite nail polish overstays its welcome. Use toothpaste to get rid of stains so you can be ready to paint again!

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